Driving a car is a serious responsibility that requires a great deal of concentration. That’s why drivers receive training and carry a learner’s permit before they are even allowed to carry a license. Operating a vehicle recklessly can result in personal injury and even death. Even a vigilant driver can only control so much of what happens on the road, leaving a lot to chance; as drivers in California experienced after yet another of the fatal motor vehicle accidents that plague our roadways.

Authorities are investigating whether the man and the child who were killed were related, and whether the SUV that hit their car and another vehicle ran a red light before striking them. Four additional people were injured and taken to local hospitals for treatment. People in a nearby office building tried to help the man and child, but it was too late.

Distracted and aggressive driving continues to be problematic in the greater Los Angeles area. Making and receiving cell phone calls and getting/responding to text messages are some of the factors that divert the focus of motorists. Other drivers simply choose to ignore traffic laws in their rush to get from one place to another. One reckless and distracted driver puts countless others in harm’s way.??

At last report, California law enforcement was still investigating this car accident. Fortunately, the law allows for civil litigation when there is evidence of negligence or reckless and dangerous driving that cause serious or fatal motor vehicle accidents. Any compensation awarded for a successfully litigated case could help the surviving family members of a deceased victim pay for funeral costs and other end of life expenses, as well as provide restitution for other monetary damages recognized by California law.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, Child Among 2 Killed In Fontana 3-Car Collision, No author, Oct. 21, 2013