A bicycle rider while riding to work in Anaheim was killed after being struck by two separate vehicles. The accident occurred near Orangethorpe Avenue and Lemon Street. The driver of the first vehicle that struck the bicyclist fled the scene. According to police, the driver of the second vehicle at least stopped and will not likely face charges.

The first accident occurred at 5:40 a.m. on Wednesday, October 30th. A short time later the 19-year old bicyclist was apparently then struck a second time and dragged for several feet. 

Several patrol vehicles were called to the scene. Orangethorpe Avenue was closed following the bicycle accident as investigators attempted to figure out what had occurred. One Anaheim law enforcement official stated they did not yet have information concerning the driver of the vehicle who fled. He also stated that the roadway where the accident occurred was heavily trafficked.

Compensation in such an accident for family members of the deceased victim could be quite complex. Hit-and-run accidents place victims in a precarious position in any case because it’s difficult to know where to go to receive compensation. In this case we have the added complication of the bicycle rider being struck by two separate vehicles. Establishing how much each accident contributed to the bicycle rider’s demise may be difficult to prove.

Personal injury attorneys do have the resources to provide an independent investigation for victims and clients as to how these accidents occurred. Though law enforcement officers will do what they can, police departments in the Los Angeles area already are inundated with other matters. It’s always good to have someone who can pay individual attention to your matter.

Source: NBC Southern California, “Bicyclist Struck by Hit-and-Run Driver, Dragged by Second Vehicle,” Jonathan Lloyd and Robert Henry, Oct. 30, 2013