A fatal motorcycle accident that occurred November 17th in Los Feliz is apparently still being investigated by Los Angeles police. However, initial reports indicate that the motorcyclist was traveling west on Los Feliz Boulevard in the number one lane. A driver of a 2012 BMW then left their driveway directly in front of the motorcyclist’s path. The motorcycle rider was then unable to avoid a collision.

The collision was said to have thrown the motorcyclist from his bike. The rider in the process suffered severe injuries to the body and head. Though the rider was attended to by Los Angeles paramedics, he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

It must be remembered that newspaper stories concerning such motorcycle accidents are not always complete. Much more needs to be investigated before a cause of the crash can be determined. Did speed play a factor in this crash? Were there issues concerning distracted driving on the part of either the driver of the car or the operator of the motorcycle? While such questions may seem mundane, every possibility needs to be looked at before responsibility can be assessed.

Personal injury attorneys can provide an independent investigation into such matters. These attorneys generally have the needed resources to provide victims and family members the answers they may require regarding the accident. Attorneys can also represent these individuals in court.

Though law enforcement officers will do what they can, these officials are often overburdened with other tasks they are required to complete – especially in a metropolitan area like Los Angeles.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Motorcyclist Killed In Los Feliz Traffic Accident,” Nov. 17, 2013