A California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer was injured in an accident early in November in Chatsworth.  The motorcycle accident occurred when the rider was struck just after 1:00 p.m.  According to investigators, the truck driver was making a wide right-hand turn and didn’t notice the presence of the officer.

Though the officer was rushed to the hospital, his condition was not reported.  The driver of the truck apparently was not seriously hurt in the accident.  Topanga Canyon Boulevard, which is south of Nordhoff Street, was closed as officials investigated this matter.

Motorcycle accidents can occur in many ways.  It’s an unfortunately common cause of motorcycle accidents that the driver did not observe the presence of the rider before making a turn, changing lanes or proceeding across an intersection.  

Though such drivers obviously do not intend to cause an injury, the consequences can nevertheless be severe.  Many accidents are anything but minor.  Motorcycle riders can suffer head injuries, neck and back injuries, scarring and fractures when struck by a motor vehicle.  Drivers need to check all mirrors, make certain that any blind spots are not occupied by vehicles before proceeding, and make certain that other vehicles on the road know precisely what the driver is going to do next.

Drivers need to understand that motorcycle riders and their passengers have the same rights as drivers concerning the right-of-way on roads.    Lawyers experienced in personal injury work can hold drivers that ignore the rights of motorcycles accountable. Such lawsuits may at least put drivers on alert that they do not own the road.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “CHP Motorcycle Officer Injured in Chatsworth Crash,” Nov. 8, 2013