A motorcyclist died late last month in an accident that occurred on Stearns Street and Marwick Avenue in Long Beach.  The motorcycle accident was said to have occurred on a Saturday morning at around 9:30 a.m.

According to a police spokesperson, the motorcyclist was reportedly driving in a westerly direction on Stearns Street at the time that the accident occurred.  Another motor vehicle was traveling in an easterly direction along Stearns and then attempted to make a left-hand turn onto Marwick Avenue.  The motorcycle then apparently collided with the motor vehicle.

The Long Beach Fire paramedics arrived at the scene of the accident and then transported the injured motorcycle rider to the hospital.  The motorcycle rider was said to have died at the hospital presumably from his injuries.  The accident was still under investigation at the time this story was published.

We will still need to discover more information regarding this accident before any determination of fault can be made.  Though the circumstances of this accident are certainly tragic, motorcycle accidents of this type are unfortunately common.  Drivers often cut motorcycles off in traffic.  It could be that they did not see the motorcycle rider or assumed that the motorcycle did not have the right-of-way.  In any case, the failure to yield to a motorcycle rider can result in severe consequences.

Even a relatively minor accident involving motorcycles can result in riders being severely injured and being forced to take time off of work for extended periods.  It’s for this reason that victims and their family members may wish to speak to experienced personal injury attorneys to make certain that compensation is adequate for one’s long-term needs.


Source: Gazettes, “Motorcyclist Dies In Crash On Stearns,” Nov. 23, 2013