A California motorcycle rider was killed along Highway 1 late last month.  The 57-year old motorcycle rider was riding in a northerly direction with a 26-year-old passenger on the back of the bike.  It was reported that a Ford Mustang heading in a southerly direction made a left turn in front of the motorcycle.  Both riders were ejected when the motorcycle rider was unable to avoid a collision with the car.

The rider and the passenger were taken to the hospital with what was described as major injuries.  The motorcycle operator was pronounced dead at the hospital facilities.  The driver of the Mustang was said to have suffered minor injuries during the accident.

For whatever the reason may be, we often hear about motorcycle accidents occurring after a driver turns in front of the bike. It may be because the driver did not see the motorcycle. It could also be because the driver failed to yield the right-of-way to the motorcycle rider. In any event, the consequences will often be similar to the ones that occurred in this particular accident.

Motorcycle riders and passengers are of course vulnerable to traumatic injury when an accident occurs. Spinal cord or brain damage injuries occurring in such accidents could in certain circumstances lead to a lifelong disability.

Victims injured due to the negligence of others will therefore require aggressive legal representation from the attorneys that represent them. Attorneys can make certain that victims are compensated for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and the requirements of other services.

Drivers of motor vehicles need to pay better attention to motorcycles being on the road.


Source: The Almanac, “San Mateo man killed in Highway 1 motorcycle crash,” Dec. 27, 2013