The city of Los Angeles has been named in a complaint concerning the death of a 32-year-old woman last year on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.  The woman was killed when an individual drove his car into a crowd of people on the boardwalk.  More than a dozen other people were injured as a result of this incident.

The driver has pleaded not guilty to assault and murder charges.  In the meantime, the filing of a complaint by the family of the deceased woman is considered a first step in filing a lawsuit against the city.

The city is accused by the family’s attorney of not doing enough to keep the walkway safe for visitors. “Whenever you have cars driving on a public, worldwide tourist attraction, that creates and poses dangers to the public,” stated the attorney. The lawsuit in part is intended to make the city realize that measures need to be taken to protect the public against such a “dangerous condition.”

Barriers have been placed along certain streets adjacent to the walkway. According to one city council person, the barriers are considered a temporary fix. Officials are apparently looking for a more permanent means of keeping unauthorized motor vehicles away from the boardwalk.

As the above matter demonstrates, wrongful death claims due to motor vehicle accidents can involve more than just the driver and the victim. Other parties may be brought in if their negligence contributed to what occurred.

Personal injury attorneys can provide one-on-one representation for victims and their family members in any circumstance. It’s necessary for the attorney to make certain that all avenues of recovery are looked into so that their clients are adequately compensated.

Source: KABC TV Los Angeles, “Venice boardwalk fatal crash: Family files complaint against city,” Sid Garcia, Jan. 27, 2014