A bicycle rider in California was apparently seriously injured because of a road rage incident. This accident in turn has prompted individuals in the area to increase their awareness concerning pedestrians and bicycle riders while driving down the road.

Whatever led up to the road rage incident, it seems that a driver attempted to cut-off another vehicle in traffic. Unfortunately, this driver apparently lost control of his vehicle in the process and swerved into the bicycle lane. The bicycle rider that was struck by this driver as a result of this incident suffered a broken collar-bone, ankle, fibula and neck. According to court documents, the driver was so angry at the time of the accident that he didn’t even notice that he had struck the bicycle rider.

The driver involved in this matter faces charges of felony reckless driving resulting in serious injury. It was revealed that the driver did have a prior criminal conviction.

Bicycle accidents such as this often injure more than just the victim of the crash. The female bicycle rider described what has happened as being life altering for both her and her children. She is said to be recovering slowly from what occurred.

There are a variety of steps that bicycle riders can take to decrease the likelihood of an accident occurring. However, many bicycle accidents are impossible to prevent when reckless driving does take place. Attorneys can work one-on-one with injured riders under such circumstances and make certain that they receive the compensation that they need.

Source: La Jolla Light, “Road Rage: Arrest Made in San Diego Bicyclist Hit in Roadway Accident,” Michael Pines, Jan. 17, 2014