A wrong-way driver on a Southern California freeway is blamed for the death of six individuals – including this driver’s sister. The victims in this crash ranged from ages 21 to 47. She was said to have been driving her Chevrolet Camaro at over 100 miles per hour on Feb. 9 when the fatal motor vehicle accident occurred.

The 21-year-old driver was heading east upon the westbound side of the Pomona Freeway in Diamond Bar. The Camaro then struck a Ford Explorer head-on. The driver has since been arrested for suspected felony drunken driving and felony manslaughter.

The driver had previously been arrested and was later convicted of driving under the influence when she was 16-years-old. She was also ticketed for supposedly talking on the cellphone while driving on November 2013. There was also an outstanding ticket for failure to appear concerning that citation.

The reasons for this fatal accident are all too common. Whether it’s a head-on collision on a California freeway, a motorcyclist killed when a driver blows a stop sign or a pedestrian killed in a crosswalk, drunk drivers are often responsible for what has occurred.

Personal injury attorneys are there to represent victims and family members of those injured or killed due to the negligence of others. We understand that such accidents can prove costly in a number of ways. Though we can’t bring the person back, attorneys can at least hold wrongdoers responsible. With financial accountability being at stake, there are incentives provided to prevent these sorts of accidents from happening again.

Source: NBC Southern California, “Woman Accused in Deadly Wrong-Way Crash Convicted of DUI in 2010,” Samantha Tata and Nyree Arabian, Feb. 11, 2014