A California bicyclist was struck by a car one morning in 2008. She has since gone through a long recovery process and once again is participating in bicycle riding. As a result of the bicycle accident she suffered a brain injury. She states she does not remember the two months that occurred prior to the accident or anything that happened one year after it occurred.

This bicycle rider and another friend also on a bicycle were struck from behind as a result of this incident. They were both in a bicycle lane at the time this accident occurred. As it turns out, the driver who struck her with the vehicle was considered drunk. Though a breathalyzer reading for the driver came in at 0.10, the driver claimed that she had not been drinking on the morning of the accident. The driver ended up spending a year in prison.

The bicycle rider in question was airlifted to the hospital after the accident and remained in a coma for a week.  A part of her skull was removed because of brain swelling.  She remained in intensive care for three weeks and then underwent another six weeks of rehabilitation.  Besides brain trauma, she suffered a separated shoulder and was in danger of losing a portion of her left leg.

This bicycle rider has since become a victim’s advocate concerning people injured or killed in DUI crashes.  She speaks of how the consequences of such accidents also affect both family and friends.

It’s difficult to say someone who has gone through what this bicycle rider has is fortunate.  And while she is alive to tell her story, her recovery only came about due to speech, occupational and physical therapy and the best medical care.  This necessary care can completely deplete an injured party’s financial resources.

Those injured in such accidents will require an attorney advocate to make certain that all of their short and long-term needs are met.

Source: HeraldNet, “Bicyclist hit by drunken driver shares her story to spare others pain,” Rikki King, March 20, 2014