A Kern County sheriff’s deputy faces possible prison time concerning a fatal accident that killed two pedestrians. A California Highway Patrol report indicates that the deputy was driving at 80.2 miles per hour just moments before striking the two individuals. The speed limit at the accident site was 45 mph.

The deputy’s lights and sirens were not operating when the accident occurred. Per the police report, the deputy applied the brakes of his vehicle about one-half second prior to the collision. It is thought the speed of the vehicle was 60 mph at the time of actual impact. The conclusion of the CHP report was that excessive speed led to the accident and that neither of the two victims was at fault for the crash.

The officer told investigators that he had taken his eyes off the road right before the accident. He stated he had looked down to pick up his radio and was intending to ask permission to turn his siren and emergency lights on. He further stated that he had difficulties picking the radio up because of a large drink in the cup holder that got in the way.

In any event, the victims of the crash were pushing their motorcycle across the road when the deputy looked down. When the officer looked up he then saw the two individuals in front of his vehicle, but it was too late to stop.

There are many reasons for pedestrian and motorcycle accidents. Many of these causes concern inattentive driving. While motorcycle accident lawyers can help victims out to recover compensation, we cannot take back what has occurred when an accident happens.  Drivers need to pay more careful attention.

Source: The Bakersfield Californian, “Deputy rejects plea deal, scheduled for trial in case where two pedestrians killed,” Jason Kotowski, Feb. 27, 2014