A Los Angeles Police Department officer was fatally injured on March 7, 2014 after the patrol vehicle he was in was struck by a dump truck.  The truck driver and another police officer were said to have been in critical condition as a result of the crash.

The officer that was killed was described as a father and a 10-year veteran on the force.  The female officer injured in the motor vehicle accident had just graduated close to three months ago from the LAPD’s training academy.  She was said to be alert but in considerable pain.

“At the very early stages, it looks like a brake failure on the part of the truck,” stated an LAPD Chief.  The area in which the accident occurred apparently had a steep incline and was described as “a difficult area” for truck drivers to operate their vehicles.

This accident reminds us that there can be many different causes for motor vehicle crashes.  Though wrongful death claims often involve negligent drivers, other factors such as defective brakes or a poorly maintained vehicle can result in a fatal crash as well.

Whether it is a truck, car, motorcycle or other kind of crash, each accident is unique and requires individual handling by the attorney investigating the matter.  While each accident occurs in a different manner, the sorts of damages that can be claimed as a result of an accident also vary.  While it’s always best that no accident occur at all, personal injury attorneys will nevertheless need to negotiate for their clients and make certain that their needs are met considering all of the circumstances.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “Brake Failure on Truck Might Have Led to Crash That Killed LAPD Officer,” Jonathan Lloyd, March 7, 2014