The mother of one of the victims in the April 10, 2014 bus crash that resulted in 10 individuals being killed is now planning on suing FedEx.  The lawsuit has been filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court and claims negligence on the part of FedEx.  

It is claimed that these FedEx trucks have a history of catching fire. The trucks are believed to have caught fire in the past because of improper cargo loading, driver error or mechanical problems. Witnesses reported seeing the FedEx truck on fire just prior to the fatal motor vehicle accident.  

The bus was struck by the FedEx truck head-on. While many on the bus were able to escape through the window before the bus exploded, the two drivers, three adults and five students subsequently died due to the accident.

The lawsuit also names the driver of the FedEx truck and the bus owner as defendants. It is claimed that the bus lacked the needed exit doors to allow those on the bus to escape following the accident.

For those injured in accidents it can be vital to retain an experienced personal injury attorney who has a great deal of knowledge concerning motor vehicle accidents. The cases can be complex, involve extremely large claims and often involve multiple parties. Resources will be needed to recreate how a motor vehicle accident occurred. Witnesses will need to be interviewed and examined on the witness stand in a court of law. And attorneys will need to demonstrate why a certain amount of money should be awarded in these cases.

Source: ABC News, “FedEx Sued Over Deadly California Bus Crash,” April 23, 2014