Students of MIT have compiled maps that depict reported bicycle accidents occurring in various cities. Included among the cities are Los Angeles and San Francisco. The hope is that such maps will keep bicyclists educated concerning which streets are the safest and which ones to avoid when out riding.

The group has started off with the creation of six maps of major metropolitan areas. In at least one of the maps police department data was collected and used in the map creation. Users can scroll these maps and learn exact street information as to where bicycle accidents had occurred. “The purpose is to make the invisible, visible in a way that makes it clear to people how to improve their city,” stated one the project’s creators.

Accident information will be made available by the providing of graphs concerning locations where the highest number of accidents occurred. Information concerning each collision can also be viewed. The ultimate goal is that by mapping the data in this manner a city can take steps in making each area safer. For example, it can provide guidance when it comes to designing of bike lanes. There are also plans on creating maps for 100 different cities.

As personal injury attorneys we understand that there can be a number of reasons for why these accidents occur. The highlighting of specific streets on these maps concerning where these bicycle accidents are occurring can be instructive. Besides drivers failing to pay adequate attention to bicycles on the road, cities can also play a role in making the streets safer for bicyclists.

Source: Boston Magazine, “Visualizing Cambridge’s Bike-Crash Data,” Steve Annear, April 8, 2014