Four bikers in California were participating in an AIDS fundraising charity event when they were struck by a truck on June 2. The truck driver apparently struck the riders while making a turn into a gas station.

Although none of the bike riders were said to have suffered life-threatening injuries, two of these individuals reportedly may have needed to undergo surgery. According to members of the California Highway Patrol, the riders were making their way through Monterey County on Highway 1 and were near Moss Landing when the accident occurred. Other bike riders participating in the event did eventually make it to West Los Angeles where the event wrapped up on June 3.

Especially when an event is going on like this with bicycle riders being on the road, drivers need to pay adequate attention to what is happening around them. As happens in many accidents the failure of the driver to pay attention to bicycle riders or pedestrians on the road can lead to accidents such as this. It should surprise no one that such accidents can often turn tragic.

Personal injury attorneys can investigate these types of bicycle accidents, inspect the accident site and discover how these circumstances came about. Attorneys can also negotiate settlements and try cases in court to make certain victims and family members are adequately taken care of.

Individuals injured or killed in bicycle accidents come from all walks of life. Some like the ones injured in this crash are trying to do something good for others. We need to help these individuals out when accidents occur.

Source: KTVU, “Four injured in AIDS charity bike ride crash,” June 3, 2014