According to police, an out-of-control car crashed into a bus stop in San Fernando Valley and struck two pedestrians, killing one of them. The June 17 accident reportedly took place on North Sepulveda Boulevard in North Hills at approximately 10:40 a.m.

Footage from surveillance cameras in the area indicates that a chain-reaction crash led to the fatal accident, according to authorities. Apparently, a Nissan Sentra and a Chevrolet Camaro collided near the bus stop. In turn, the driver of the Camaro lost control of the vehicle, hit a parked car and then caromed into the bus stop, uprooting two benches and striking the pedestrians.

One of the hit pedestrians was propelled into the air and landed a few yards away, police reported. That pedestrian, a man, died at the scene. The other hit pedestrian, a woman, suffered critical injuries, police said. Reportedly, the driver of the Camaro was also injured in the accident and received treatment at a hospital.

People who suffer damages in pedestrian accidents may be eligible to pursue civil action against the parties responsible for the incident. For example, pedestrians who suffer injuries may file a personal injury claim. If successful, they might receive financial compensation for the damages they suffered as a result of the accident, including but not limited to hospital bills, medical expenses and the costs of rehabilitation and therapy.

Moreover, certain family members of pedestrians who die may file a wrongful death claim. In this way, they may seek restitution for the damages they suffered as a result of the fatal accident, such as the cost of the decedent’s funeral expenses and lost earnings if the decedent had contributed income to dependents while alive.

Source: NBC, “One Killed in Crash Near San Fernando Valley Bus Stop“, Jonathan Lloyd and Kim Baldonado, June 18, 2014