Two pedestrians were struck in Port Hueneme, California in a church parking lot. The accident occurred on June 1 at approximately 12:30 p.m. The two women were struck by a car and the car apparently then crashed into a brick wall.

The driver may have mistaken the accelerator for the brake pedal. While one of the pedestrians suffered broken legs as a result of the accident, the other pedestrian died at the scene. The woman who suffered the broken legs was described as a parishioner at the church. A minimum of three ambulances were called to the scene and personnel from the Oxnard Fire Department also arrived.

Because of safety precaution concerns, the driver was taken to the hospital. The police stated that she will be cited for reckless driving. It also appears that the accident could possibly have been even worse. There were reportedly children in the area where the accident occurred. Also, a photo of the accident scene shows that the car struck the brick wall with sufficient force to go clear through it.

Motor vehicle accidents have the potential of causing tremendous damage and injury in just a matter of seconds and a simple mistake can result in the type of circumstances that we have seen here. As happened here, this accident occurred in a church parking lot where most people could assume they would be safe.

Such an accident will obviously require investigation to discover precisely what occurred. Though an accident may seem open and shut, it can be necessary to rule out a variety of other causes before a final determination can be made. It may be necessary for victims of such crashes or their family members to speak to an attorney to discover what can be done. It’s also important during fatal accidents that family members of the deceased be compensated adequately so that they can go on with their lives.


Source: KTLA 5, “Crash at Port Hueneme Church Leaves 1 Woman Dead, 1 Injured,” June 1, 2014