According to a California Highway Patrol representative, a motorcyclist died after a logging truck overturned and spilled its contents on August 5. The accident occurred at about 11:40 a.m. near Trinity Lake as a truck drove through a curve while traveling south on Highway 3.

Four motorcyclists were heading north on the highway at the time the truck fell onto its side. One of the bikers, a 48-year-old woman, became trapped under the logs after running into them. Although local fire personnel were able to extricate the woman, she died succumbed to her injuries. A second biker, 50, was moderately injured in the accident, and the two other bikers were not harmed.

According to authorities, the 50-year-old truck driver suffered a deep cut on his head, but he declined medical assistance beyond the treatment he received at the scene. The driving lanes of the highway were closed for about five hours while the accident was investigated and while the scene was cleared. Traffic was diverted to the roadway’s shoulder at the accident site during that time.

A fatal motorcycle accident may happen when other vehicles cause impediments to roadway navigation. Accidents involving spilled cargo are sometimes caused by drivers entering curves too fast to accommodate their loads.

The family of someone killed in a motor vehicle crash may face funeral and medical costs as well as loss of income from the person killed in the accident. If retained for a wrongful death suit, an attorney for such a family may choose to review truck certification and maintenance records as well as police reports on the accident to gather evidence against the suit’s defendant.

Source: Record Searchlight , “Updated: Motorcyclist killed in logging truck accident identified“, August 06, 2014