December has been a quiet month so far with news outlets reporting few if any motorcycle accidents across the state.  While this is good news, November was quite a bit different.  Dozens of accidents occurred all across California with some resulting in injuries and some resulting in death. 

Just like any motorcycle accident, accidents we will talk about today highlight for our Los Angeles readers the dangers all motorcyclists may face on the roadways.  But above all, these accidents should also stand as a reminder that a serious or fatal crash can happen anywhere, even in our own city.

The first accident we’d like to remind our readers of is the one that took place in San Ramon at the beginning of November.  This particular crash, which involved a California Highway Patrol officer riding a motorcycle, occurred because two vehicles, which were travelling ahead of the officer, collided.  Unable to avoid the accident, the officer then struck the vehicles, which caused him to be ejected from his bike.  He was immediately hospitalized, having suffered serious injuries in the crash.

The next day, in Temecula, there was another motorcycle crash.  While the San Ramon accident illustrated the danger that other accidents pose to motorcyclists, the Temecula accident shows how a motorcyclist can be their own danger.  Some of you may have heard about the crash, which involved a 23-year-old Hemet man who was speeding while lane splitting in heavy traffic.  His motorcycle collided with a merging vehicle, also causing an ejection from his bike.  He was unfortunately run over by a semi truck and killed.

To add to these tragedies was another crash in Carlsbad that severely injured a 27-year-old rider who was also thrown from his motorcycle when a sedan collided with his bike while executing a turn.  Because there have been no updated reports since the crash, it’s unclear if the 50-year-old driver of the sedan was distracted at the time of the accident or if they simply did not see the rider.

As you can see, a lot of things can cause a motorcycle accident.  Depending on the cause, injuries may be serious or even fatal.  Just as the victims and their families in these stories, you too will need to ask yourself if your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence and perhaps seek legal help to get compensation down the road.

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