Over the last few years, rising gas prices forced a number of Americans to seek out more fuel efficient forms of transportation such as hybrid or electric cars in an effort to consume less fuel and spend less at the pump. Here in California, the answer to higher gas prices has been motorcycles, which has resulted in our state having the highest number of motorcycle registrations in the country.

But more motorcycles on our roadways means a higher chance of a serious accident too. In fact, between 2002 and 2011, a time during which gas prices were incredibly high, California saw 800 more fatalities in motorcycle crashes than other years. We also saw more than 10,000 more injuries in accidents as well.

This might leave you wondering: is there a link between gas prices and motorcycle crashes? According to a study published in the journal Injury Prevention, the answer may be yes. From their findings, researchers noted that when gas prices are higher, people are more likely to choose a more fuel efficient vehicle like a motorcycle. With each new motorcycle on the roadways, the odds of a serious or fatal motorcycle crash increases.

As so many of our readers know though, high gas prices are not the only things that can lead to more people riding motorcycles. Things like good weather or automotive conventions can be factors as well. Whatever the case is though, the results are the same: a higher volume of traffic means a greater chance of seeing an accident down the road.

Source: Medical Express, “When gas prices go up, so do motorcycle accidents, study finds,” Dec. 16, 2014