By their nature, motorcycles aren’t exactly easy to see. It’s a fact any rider here in Los Angeles knows but wishes wasn’t true. But even though this is the case, most motorcyclists in California probably believe that just because a vehicle is small doesn’t mean other drivers shouldn’t be looking out for them and paying attention to the road. When drivers don’t though, it can lead to collisions with motorcycles and distracted driving may be to blame.

As one of our January posts points out, distracted driving has many forms. From talking on a cellphone or eating food while driving, all of the actions we mentioned in that post take a driver’s attention away from the road, putting other lives in danger. As a recent NPR article illustrates though, these might not be the only distractions affecting drivers today, especially among teens.

Although teenagers across the nation are now aware of the dangers of texting and driving thanks to national campaigns, there are still a lot of other distractions that teens are not aware of. This was revealed in a study conducted at Oregon State University.

Teens who participated in the study admitted to performing some pretty alarming actions behind the wheel such as changing their contact lenses, doing their homework and even changing their clothing. All of these behaviors take the driver’s attention away from the roadway, sometimes significantly longer than it takes to send a text message.

Although it’s important to explain to teens the dangers of texting and driving, the most important message we should be telling teens is that all distracted driving is dangerous. By showing that distracted driving isn’t just about texting and driving, we can help teens better understand the risks and help reduce further collisions down the road.