As we have said time and again on this blog, drivers need to be aware of their surroundings. Because of the size of their vehicles and the weight behind them, motor vehicles present a major danger to pedestrians and bicyclists alike. Oftentimes, accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists result in serious and even fatal injuries because they do not have the same protection that a person in a vehicle has.

Along with the start of April also came the start of spring, which means the weather will only get warmer as we approach the summer months. This also means though that more bicyclists will take to the streets, meaning the vigilance drivers had before will need to increase with each passing day.

We owe it to bicyclists and pedestrians to be extra cautious because the injuries they suffer in an accident are far more catastrophic in nature. As so many of our regular readers know, a person not inside a vehicle can suffer head injuries, damage to their spinal cord, broken bones and lacerations. For the driver of the car, the worst they will probably suffer is a deep seeded feeling of guilt.

As you know, drivers across the state of California can help prevent pedestrian accidents by simply paying attention to their surroundings. This means avoiding reckless driving and curbing habits that can take your attention away from the road such as looking for something in the vehicle or sending a text message.

If you do choose to partake in reckless or negligent behavior, know that a civil lawsuit can hold you liable for your actions. Depending on how the courts decide in the case, you may be required to pay compensation to the victim or their family. In some cases, your negligence may even result in criminal charges.

We owe it to pedestrians in California to drive safely this spring so make the right choice so that you don’t cause an avoidable tragedy down the road.