We’ve all experienced that feeling of anxiety in the pit of our stomachs that tell us we’re going to be late arriving at our destination. Whether it’s work or a sporting event, our desire to avoid excessive tardiness may cause us to do things we might normally avoid, like speeding in our vehicle to get to our destination.

But as some of our more frequent readers will tell you, the decision to speed when you are running late is not only reckless, but it puts other lives in danger as well. Today, we’d like to look at three scenarios in which being in a hurry can actually be quite deadly.

Rushing through a parking lot

If you’ve ever driven through a parking lot at a grocery or retail store, you know that it can not only be difficult to see other vehicles pulling out of parking spaces but it can be difficult to see pedestrians as well.

Realizing you’re going to be late for dinner if you don’t speed up the pace could cause you to ignore your surroundings and may even cause you to go faster than you should. This can be incredibly dangerous though because you could strike someone, causing them to suffer serious or even fatal injuries.

Accelerating to get through a short turn light

A lot of people accelerate when they see a stop light turn yellow. That’s because a lot of people think, “I can make it!” Unfortunately, a pedestrian or bicyclist could be waiting to cross and might do so immediately after the light changes. If you’re speeding through a turn, you might not be paying attention to people in the crosswalk. You might even strike them or other vehicles in the process.

Travelling quickly down the freeway

Despite signs that indicate the speed limit, there are a lot of people who choose to go over this limit. The rationale often used is “I’m keeping up with the flow of traffic.” But when that speeding causes you to weave through traffic, you are no longer keeping up with the flow of traffic, you’re creating a hazard for other motorists to avoid. In the end, they may not be able to avoid you or may cause others to hit them. Either way, you should be able to see why being in a hurry is a bad idea.