We hear again and again about efforts to make the streets in Los Angeles safer for pedestrians. Still these accidents continue to occur. There were over 19,000 reported pedestrian-vehicle collisions in Los Angles between 2003 and 2009 – an average of 2,700 per year.

A group called Los Angeles Walks is attempting to reduce the numbers by creating a map highlighting intersections where the most pedestrian accidents are occurring. This map shows the frequency of collisions at these intersections in central Los Angeles. It also demonstrates that large numbers of these accidents are occurring around LAX and in the San Fernando Valley. According to the map, there were 49 pedestrian accidents at the Hollywood and Highland intersection as well as 51 accidents at the 7th Street and Spring Street intersection in downtown Los Angeles.

A spokesperson stated the group wanted to raise awareness. She’s hoping that city leaders will acknowledge that 100 deaths of pedestrians each year in our city are not acceptable.

Unfortunately, drivers seem not to be paying attention to safety considerations. One jogger commented that she sees drivers speeding through the Santa Monica Boulevard and Vermont Avenue intersection all of the time or making sharp turns without keeping a proper lookout.

There are 30 locations listed on the map showing where over 30 individuals end up struck every year. “When I’m crossing the street, I like to look twice because some of the drivers are on their phones,” stated one individual who works downtown.

There needs to be accountability for drivers causing injuries by not paying proper attention to pedestrians. Personal injury attorneys help victims receive compensation where they can. However, no amount of compensation can never completely relieve the suffering of accident victims and family members when an accident results in severe injuries or fatalities.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “LA’s Worst Hot Spots for Pedestrian Collisions,” Vanessa Ruiz, March 20, 2015