Have you started to notice the temperature steadily rising each week? Or have you noticed even more people wearing shorts? That’s because spring is upon us here in California. And while springtime means a lot more for people who live in states where it snows during the winter months, it’s still a big deal for people here in Los Angeles too because it means warmer weather and more chances to be outside.

One group of people who are most excited about the promise of warmer weather in the months to come is motorcyclists. That’s because the better the weather outside, the more enjoyable the ride is on a motorcycle. It’s important for our readers to note though that more motorcyclists on the roadways increases the chances of a motorcycle accident.

As so many of our regular readers know from our past posts, motorcyclists are oftentimes the victims in accidents because drivers claim they didn’t see the rider until it was too late. While this may be the case year round because of the intrinsic properties of a motorcycle, the warmer the weather becomes, the more riders want to be outside. But this goes for other drivers as well who might also want to enjoy the weather. This increase in traffic on our roadways though also increases the chances of accidents; and for motorcyclists, this means an increased likelihood of catastrophic or even fatal injuries.

Even though drivers are supposed to be aware of their surroundings and look before they turn or change lanes, we all know this doesn’t always happen. A driver might be distracted by their cellphone or the passengers in their vehicle and cause an accident that can be devastating for the motorcyclist who doesn’t have nearly as much protection as a driver in another vehicle has.

As the temperature outside rises, so too should a driver’s awareness of other vehicles around them. Motorcyclists should also be aware of other vehicles too and the fact that drivers might not be paying attention even though they should be. But the most important thing our readers should remember is that they may be owed compensation after an accident, which is something that should be discussed with an accident attorney immediately following a crash.