California requires all motorcycle riders, regardless of age or driving experience, to wear helmets while riding. It is a way to try to prevent the head and other catastrophic injuries that too often occur because of motorcycle accidents. 

While a helmet is surely better than no helmet, new technology could have people asking: Is a so-called “smart helmet” better than the traditional head gear? Reuters reports that a new option in motorcycle safety gear will be available for purchase this holiday season that was designed by a motorcyclist himself.

After having a survived a motorcycle accident, the inventor of the helmet Marcus Weller, had a dream that inspired him to work toward the creation of a helmet that gives riders “eyes on the back of their heads.” Essentially, that is what the camera/viewing system of the helmet does. Riders will have no blind spots with the helmet and, therefore, have a higher chance of avoiding the unseen conditions that tend to cause accidents day-to-day.

Safety gear is a crucial component of rider safety, but an even more crucial component that no safety gear can prevent is others’ bad driving. Even a smart helmet can’t make a smart driver out of someone who fails to see that a motorcyclist is turning or has the right of way. 

By all means, riders should go ahead and wear the gear that makes them feel safe. No matter the kind of helmet they wear, they can still be injured in a collision with another motor vehicle. When that happens, it is a victim’s right to pursue the compensation they need to move on after a crash. 

Source: Reuters, “Smart helmet gives you eyes on the back of your head,” Ben Gruber, Nov. 12, 2015