All of our readers across California who pay even a modicum of attention to their health by regularly engaging in physical activities know the power of a “one foot after the other” strategy.

Flat out, walking — that’s right, just walking — is right at the top of virtually any fitness regimen, being a known panacea for any number of problems and concerns.

Unless, while walking, you get hit by a moving vehicle.

Many reasonable people will of course immediately focus on the odds of such a negative outcome ever occurring. It’s unlikely for any given pedestrian to become an accident victim through third-party negligence, right?

In analyzing that, the parameters of the term “unlikely” would at least need to be loosely agreed upon by any debaters of the topic.

On the one hand, of course, it is statistically rare for any particular person out for a stroll to have anything other than a pleasant experience.

Having said that, though, it merits noting that a reported 2,368 walkers across the country died in accidents during the first half of last year.

And the report noting that also reveals that 42 percent of the fatalities that occurred during that measuring period occurred in fewer than a handful of states across the country.

If you surmised that California was on that short and unenviable list, you’re correct.

Comparatively, more people die in California while out walking than is generally the case in other states across the country. And their deaths often owe to the negligent acts or omissions of drivers in passenger and commercial vehicles.

Walking should routinely be a fun and healthy activity. Sadly, third-party negligence can yield an altogether different result.