Coming soon to an area near you …

Uh, that wouldn’t be a sprawling new mall, theater complex or sports stadium, although Los Angeles is certainly a venue where such things are in a constant planning phase and occasionally being rolled out.

What we’re talking about in today’s blog post is something a bit more immediate and direct, especially if you happen to live anywhere near a traffic intersection that has really grabbed the attention of city safety officials.

That intersection would have to be deemed as a high-risk locale, essentially a white-knuckle spot in the city where bad outcomes ensue on a far-too-often basis.

There are lots of those, and LAPD officers are now rotating from one to the next on a monthly basis, with a federal grant providing the funds necessary to engage in escalated enforcement activities geared toward reducing accidents and educating the public on safety.

The stepped-up police efforts go hand in hand with the city’s recently stated focus on reducing traffic deaths in Los Angeles to zero by 2025.

That is an ambitious goal, to be sure, especially given a current estimate that about 200 people are dying in LA each year in motor vehicle accidents. Understandably, walkers and bicyclists are at especially outsized risk in automobile collisions, and recent LAPD enforcement efforts are especially focused upon these vulnerable populations.

L.A. Vision Zero is a breathtakingly ambitious effort that embodies highest hopes, and it is certainly easy to get on board with the goal and support any safety improvements that are realized through it.

2025 is inexorably and rapidly approaching. Hopefully the Los Angeles traffic landscape will be far safer at that time than it is now.