May is motorcycle safety awareness month across the country. Motorists and motorcyclists are being reminded of some of the steps that they can take to reduce the number of serious motorcycle accidents happening on roadways.

In this post, we wanted to discuss three brief motorcycle safety tips that can help improve safety for motorcyclists. To learn more about what you can do to reduce your chances of being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, please read the following post.

Wear a helmet

Some riders are reluctant to wear a helmet. They think that a helmet restricts their view and makes it more difficult to see traffic alongside their bike. It is important to note that California requires helmets for all motorcyclists. Should you be injured in a crash and not be wearing a helmet, it may have an impact upon your potential claims.

Be aware of the vehicles around you

Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents happen because motorists simply are not paying attention to the road. They make a move or lane change that places them directly into your path. In some circumstances, you might not have the ability to react in time to avoid a crash.

You need to pay close attention to other drivers when you are out on the road. If you see another motorist who seems to be distracted or driving aggressively, let that vehicle pass, if possible. A few moments of caution can help you prevent serious injuries.

Realize that any road can be dangerous

There are many freeways throughout Los Angeles, and you know that driving on these roads can sometimes be dangerous. You will have to share the road with vehicles of all different sizes, and they will be traveling at higher rates of speed. If you get into an accident on one of these roads, you stand a very high chance of suffering significant injuries in the crash.

However, side streets in residential areas can be just as dangerous as interstates and freeways. When you come to an intersection of two busy roadways, there is still a chance that you could be hit by another driver.

What to do if injured in a crash

If you are in an accident, you need to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An attorney will be able to examine your accident, and determine whether or not you have claims against those who caused the crash. You will receive a clear picture of the value of your case, and your lawyer will be able to negotiate on your behalf with the insurance companies of the other parties.