Every year, hundreds of bicyclists are killed in avoidable accidents with motor vehicles. When this happens, the victim’s family is often left searching for answers.

If somebody close to you, such as a child, is killed in a bike accident, it’s important to learn more about your legal rights. This starts with the details of the accident, including who caused it.

There are many reasons for a fatal bike accident, with the following among the most common:

— Drunk driving

— Speeding or reckless driving

— Texting and driving

— Distracted driving

— Making an illegal turn

— Failure to yield to a bicyclist

— Running a stop sign or red light

When a driver does one or more of these things, there is an increased chance of an accident. If a bicyclist is in close proximity to a driver when he or she breaks the law, the end result could be serious injury or even death.

You may never know what caused a fatal bike accident until you begin to dig through the finer details. Since this can be difficult to do, you need the assistance of an experienced law firm on your side.

At our law firm, we have helped many people uncover the real cause of fatal bike accidents. From there, we’ve taken the steps necessary in helping them receive compensation for the death of their loved one.

If you require any assistance, we are here to help. We are always here to provide the guidance you need during this difficult time. Take a look at our webpages to learn more about bicycle accident.