The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally attracts skilled riders from every spot in North America and beyond. But every year, riders and others still get hurt. Here is a listing of the seven injuries.

1. The first crash occurred in Murdo, South Dakota, on I-90. A 35-year-old man from Dekalb, Illinois, lost control and was thrown. He was not wearing a helmet, but luckily suffered only minor injuries.

2. The second crash occurred in Keystone. A 23-year-old Hermosa man was seriously hurt when his cycle struck the cycle of a Rapid City woman along Old Hill City Road. Both wore helmets. The woman suffered minor injuries. The man had serious but non life-threatening injuries and was ticketed for driving in the wrong lane.

3. In Sturgis a local resident lost control of her motorcycle on Vanocker Canyon Road. She was wearing a helmet and suffered minor injuries.

4. The fourth crash was in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The cyclist lost control of her motorcycle on Highway 16A in Custer State Park, and suffered non life-threatening injuries.

5. The fifth crash involved a semi trailer and two cyclists, one from a Woodbridge, Vi5rginia and the other from Portland, Oregon. Another motorist cyclist suffered life-threatening injuries when his minivan rolled.

6. A sixth incident involved a cyclist from Rapid City, who was thrown from her bike and suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries.

7. A seventh accident involved a Palm Springs, Florida semi-truck driver who lost control four miles west of Spearfish. The truck tipped over on its side. The driver suffered serious but non life-threatening injuries and was cited for crossing lanes.

The moral of these stories:

It feels good to ride helmet-free, with the wind in your hair. But reality will catch up with you. For your brain’s sake and your family’s sake, be safe out there.