As a bicyclist, you know that safety comes first. For this reason, you wear protective gear, such as a helmet, and do your best to avoid trouble with vehicles sharing the road.

Unfortunately, even when you try your hardest, you never know if you will be involved in an accident. Since this is always a possibility, it’s imperative to know what to expect if this happens.

Broken bones and fractures are extremely common injuries that result from a bicycle accident. And with so many bones in your body, there is a chance that you could break more than one if you are struck by a vehicle and/or fall off your bike.

Generally speaking, upper extremities are more likely to be injured in a bicycle accident. The reason for this is simple: You’ll attempt to brace the fall by extending your arms and hands. However, when your hands make contact with the ground, it’s possible for a bone to break.

The collarbone, elbows, and wrists are most commonly injured in a bicycle accident.

Note: Although not as common, you could break a bone in a lower extremity, such as your ankle or leg.

Despite the fact that a broken bone is a serious injury that requires professional treatment, it’s good to know that a full recovery is possible. Believe it or not, bones can begin to heal within a couple weeks of breaking.

If you’re involved in a bicycle accident, in Los Angeles, such as being struck by a vehicle, don’t attempt to move too far. Instead, contact police and an ambulance. This will ensure that your injuries are treated promptly and in the appropriate manner.

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