As a bicyclist, you hope that you never crash to the ground. You realize that you don’t have much protection, so you want to remain upright at all times.

Unfortunately, you never know if there will come a time when you are involved in an accident, such as with a motor vehicle. In this case, you could suffer a traumatic injury that changes your life forever.

Some of the most common types of traumatic bike accident injuries include:

— Head: traumatic brain injury, skull fracture, and brain contusion.

— Face: facial and dental fractures, contusions.

— Chest: lung injuries, rib fractures.

— Musculoskeletal: strains, fractures.

— Abdomen: bowel contusion, splenic rupture, pancreatic trauma, traumatic hernia.

— Skin: contusions, lacerations, road rash.

As you can see, falling from your bike, especially if this is caused by a motor vehicle, can result in serious injury.

If you are struck by a car and find yourself on the pavement and injured, the only thing that matters is that you get help on the scene right away. You must make sure you are treated as soon as possible, as this can help you avoid the impact of a long term injury.

Once you have been treated and feel better about the future, you should learn more about the accident. This is when you may find that the person driving the motor vehicle was acting in a negligent manner, such as by running a stop light or speeding.

If somebody else was responsible for your accident, you may be able to file a claim with hopes of receiving compensation.

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