Several years ago, an Australian named Cam Elkins took it into his head that there were not enough films – really good films – about people who cycle. So he decided to change that.

Cam himself was not a filmmaker. But he knew what he wanted to get at – the people stories behind this great pastime. Everyday riders and the bikes they ride. Their histories, their dreams, challenges, loves and losses.

Soulful motorcycle stuff

And so the Stories of Bike website came to be, as a place to show these unique short ultra-indie films about people and the machines they love.

Take “Episode 10: Dream.” It’s a simple, 10 minute story from 2014 about Jodie and her romance, from a young girl growing up in Australia, and the cycle of her dreams – a custom Suzuki TU250x.


“I remember the time I saw my first bike and I just sort of fell in love with it,” Jodie says. “I was seven. My mom took me down to the RTA, just as a Triumph pulled up next to the car. I was in the back seat, and I said, ‘You go on in.’ So I sat in the car and just stared at the bike for about fifteen minutes, amazed. When he rode off, I felt jealous!”

Safe for viewing at work

It’s that sort of thing. The site currently sports about 20 short films. “Forge” is about Dan’s adventures on his 1973 Harley Davidson Ironhead. “Answers” is about Jonathan, and his Redditch-built 1969 Royal Enfield Bullet 350.


These are the stories of individual dreamers who fell hard for biking and have never gotten over it. There are thrills, spills and setbacks. The bikes are beautiful – and so are their riders.

Most of the films are Australian, like Cam Elkins of Sidney. The series has won major awards, including Australian Webstream Awards for best documentary, best editing, and best cinematography, and LA WebFest for outstanding direction and editing in a reality series.