Zsa Zsa Gabor was 99 years old when she passed away. The legendary actress suffered a heart attack in the middle of December.

Tragically, on the very same day, her adopted son was involved in a motorcycle accident. He ended up in the hospital, and he later died from his own injuries.

The crash itself — and Gabor’s own passing — happened on the 18th of December. Her son then passed away on the following Sunday. He was just 52 years old. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office reported his passing and confirmed the cause of death.

He was not Gabor’s biological son, but an adopted son. She had been married nine times.

At this point, details about the accident remain rather slim. However, it is apparent that a second vehicle was involved in the wreck that took the man’s life. It has also been reported, though a specific location has not been noted yet, that the accident between that vehicle and the motorcycle happened on Mulholland Drive.

It is interesting to note that Gabor’s husband had made it a practice to adopt people who wanted his family’s royal title. He said once that he would do it for $2 million, and he adopted numerous people, even as adults, for this reason.

A deadly motorcycle accident can leave the family with high medical costs, especially when an extended hospital stay is necessary before the person passes away. In cases like this, though financial compensation may not ease the emotional trauma of such a loss, the family members may be wise to look into all of their options to help with these very real financial needs.

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