Who hasn’t run late one day and driven over the speed limit? Everyone does it periodically. Sometimes it just feels good to open up your motorcycle on the highway or a windy California road. The feeling of power and control you get from pushing your limits makes it worth risking a speeding ticket. Sadly, that control might only be an illusion.

You might remember those public service announcements saying, “Speed Kills.” Sadly, too many people discover the truth in that statement after it’s too late. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2014, about 9,260 people lost their lives in crashes where speeding played a primary role, which equates to 28 percent of all fatal crashes that year. It’s not just driving over the posted speed limit that leads to accidents. Driving too fast when the road conditions require you to slow down could also end in tragedy.

The faster you drive, the greater the risk

As you increase your speed, the following factors come into play:

  • Your stopping distance increases, which leaves you less time to react to a sudden change in traffic or the roadway.
  • The seriousness of injuries suffered in crashes increases dramatically at higher speeds, up to and including death.
  • It’s easier to lose control of a vehicle at higher speeds. Small steering movements come with big consequences.
  • Even in a passenger vehicle, the safety equipment becomes less effective. Your helmet may not protect you in a high-speed crash.
  • Even though it’s not a safety issue, your fuel consumption decreases and your fuel costs rise.

It’s a safe bet that no one involved in a serious or deadly speed-related crash thought it would happen to him or her. Confidence while driving helps, but overconfidence can lead to devastation.

I lost a loved one in a fatal motorcycle accident where speed was a factor

Your loss changes your family forever. Not only can you never replace the family member you lost, but now you also face unexpected financial burdens. Funerals and burials get more expensive every year. If your loved one made it to a hospital but succumbed to his or her injuries later, you also have to deal with the medical expenses. You might have relied on his or her income to make ends meet as well. All of these monetary losses add up quickly and can devastate your financial situation.

If the official investigation, along with a private inquiry, determines that the other driver caused the crash, you have legal options. Compiling evidence illustrating that the death of your loved one happened due to the negligence of another could result in an award of damages that could provide you the compensation you deserve. Before making any decisions regarding how to proceed, you would more than likely benefit from talking to a personal injury attorney.