Every time we read about a motorcycle fatality, we are reminded of the preciousness of life. Last month , William J. O’Hara, a motorcyclist travelling through Malibu on PCH, died of injuries sustained from a collision into the side door of a Jetta mid U-turn. His passenger sustained major injuries after being ejected from the motorcycle and was treated at UCLA Medical center after being transported via helicopter. While fault has not yet been determined for the collision, the facts are clear on one thing: a man is dead.

Whether or not the motorcycle rider was travelling at speeds below the speed limit or if the motorcyclist was speeding out of control, the motorcycle passenger may have life changing injuries and the driver of the Jetta may have to live with the tremendous guilt associated with a fatal accident. As the city of Los Angeles looks to reduce the number of traffic deaths every year, PCH may be a major focus for city officials to look at opportunities to make PCH a safer place for bicycle groups, beach going pedestrians and commuting vehicles. Making safety a priority is not only the job of local governments however, it starts with all of us making an effort to look out for each other and drive defensively and safely whenever we’re on the road.