The driver of a motor vehicle may run over items on a California road and not even realize it. For an instant, the driver may wonder what caused the car to bump, but as long as nothing changes with the smooth running of the vehicle, he or she may not give it another thought.

Motorcycle operators don’t have that luxury. Running over something in the road may mean disaster. If you recently lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, you understand how devastating it can be for family and friends.

Debris in the road

It doesn’t take much to bring down a motorcycle. People who don’t ride may not fully comprehend the danger they create when they toss a soda can out the window or leave a hubcap on the road. However, your loved one likely encountered these and other obstacles on a daily basis. Potholes and cracks in the road are also dangers to anyone on two wheels.

One common hazard for bikers is gravel in the roadway, especially on turns and near construction sites. Gravel prevents the bike’s tires from gripping the road. It’s possible your loved one took a spill or two while riding through gravel in the past.

Battling the giants

Tractor-trailers are the Goliaths of the road, and often the Davids on motorcycles don’t have a fair chance. It isn’t only the sheer size and blind spots in which an unsuspecting biker may hide, but the damage and debris for which trucks are responsible make many highways hazardous for motorcycles, for example:

  • Loose dirt and gravel falling from haulers
  • Chunks of tires from blowouts
  • Rutted roads from the heavy loads
  • Diesel spills from overfilled tanks

You don’t have to be riding next to a tractor-trailer to be in danger. Many trucks leave a trail of peril.

Finding help when it seems impossible

Like most bikers, your loved one probably enjoyed being on a motorcycle. Whether your loved one thought of it as a convenient form of transportation or a lifestyle, riding a motorcycle may have been something he or she cherished. This may make it even more painful for you to bear, knowing that someone else’s negligence turned this joy into tragedy.

If a hazard in the road caused your loved one’s accident, you may feel you have nowhere to turn. However, with the right assistance, you may be able to determine who is liable for the debris or poor conditions that made your loved one’s ride dangerous. Consulting with an attorney will provide you with the guidance you need in pursuing potential compensation through a wrongful death claim.