While some may see motorcycles as simply another mode of transportation, many see the open road in a new a light when behind the handles of a bike. Indian Motorcycle, famed as America’s first motorcycle company, and Champion Trikes and Sidecars will supply motorcycles and sidecars for veterans to enjoy the countryside as they exit Los Angeles and travel the open roads in a journey of bonding and comradery. The third annual “Veterans Ride to Sturgis” will take off on July 28 and last 9 days, giving veterans an opportunity to relax and use the ride as therapy.

Wellness Through Riding

Veteran David Frey and producer/director Robert Monciero created this adventure to utilize the therapeutic nature of community building on the road through a common bond. “The shared experience of serving brings us together, veteran to veteran, to help each other heal,” explained Frey. Heavily wounded or amputee veterans will also have the chance to ride and participate in the journey in the Champion sidecars. Nominations for veterans to ride in the event will end on May 21st, the results will be announced on July 4th.

To get more information on the ride visit http://veteranscharityride.org/