Most people ride their bicycles during the daylight hours. There are also times, such as in the winter, when you may find yourself on your bike after the sun has set.

When the darkness sets in, it’s important to change your approach. Doing so will improve your safety, helping you reduce the risk of an accident. Here are several tips to follow:

— Opt for well-lit roadways. While this is not always possible, plan your route in advance so that you stay on as many well-lit roadways as possible.

— Use lights. Just the same as when you are in your car, using lights on your bike has two benefits. One, it allows you to see where you are going.Two, it allows drivers, to see you.

— Be aware of your surroundings. This means many things, such as keeping a close watch on every vehicle that is approaching. Along with this, watch for road hazards that could cause an accident.

— Carry a cellphone with you. In the event of an accident, a cellphone could save your life because you can call for help should you need it.

These are just a few of the many tips you can follow to bike safely at night.

Unfortunately, even if you follow these tips, you could still be involved in an accident. For example, it only takes one mistake by q driver to cause a collision that puts you on the pavement. If this happens, call for help,get immediate treatment and know your legal rights. A California attorney can provide you with guidance,

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