If you have been looking for a helmet that will not act as a portable sauna while riding, you may be in luck with this new development. Steve Feher, Los Angeles based inventor and entrepreneur, has worked on the breathability and flow of air dynamics ever since his first patent drawings at the age of the 11. The newly developed motorcycle helmet has two fans to provide air conditioning for the rider at the cost of an additional 4 ounces to the helmet weight. While this may seem more of a luxury than a safety improvement, the heat and discomfort of a sweaty helmet may be distracting for riders over the course of a long ride. Feher, a motorcycle enthusiast and rider himself stated, “It’s more comfortable to ride with the air-conditioned helmet than it is to ride with no helmet at all.” While this may be as bold a statement that can be made for a helmet, Feher stands by his new helmet design. 

Multi-Functional Head Protection

In fact, he believes this could have application in other fields that use helmets regularly. Welding, cycling, equestrian helmets could all benefit the user with better ventilation and air cooling. With that in mind, it is worth questioning the safety issues of having moving parts in a helmet. In a high impact collision on a highway or street intersection, fan blades may not be safe to have near your head. Feher expects to move forward with the design and hopefully begin selling models to riders looking for a cooler experience.