For the longest time, many considered it an impossibility to protect a motorcyclist beyond the typical body armor and helmet. As early as 1976, airbag vests have been a plausible means of additional safety for riders. However, it wasn’t until professional riders started wearing these devices did their popularity begin to rise. When Marc Marquez crashed at 209.9 mph and walked away, many companies and people began to believe in their ability to significantly reduce injury. While no airbag will completely remove the possibility of injury from an accident, Honda studies have shown the effectiveness of properly positioned air bag systems for motorcycle riders. So where does this leave us with today’s technology? 

Companies At The Forefront Of Biker Safety

Companies like Alpinestars, Helite and Hit-Air all compete to produce the best protection possible. Alpinestars recently won the top prize for “wearables” at the Consumer Electronics Show in Asia with their patented Tech-AirTM technology. According to Alpinestars, their new technology provides complete critical full upper body protection for the rider. The best part about the technology is that does not rely on any external sensors to detect collisions to ensure the airbag inflates reliably prior to the impact. As Airbag technology continues to improve, we can certainly expect more lives to be saved by these terrific tools of modern riding safety.