A passenger on a motorcycle was killed in a collision in Shasta County after her body was pinned below the car that hit her bike. Local emergency workers labored to free her and the motorcycle driver, but only the driver of the motorcycle survived.

The driver of the car was uninjured in the accident. Local police report that he was driving west when he turned left in an intersection in front of the motorcycle’s path. Both the driver and rider on the motorcycle were stuck beneath the car before they could be freed and sent via ambulance to a local hospital.

The intensive care unit at University of California, Davis Medical Center is still caring for the motorcycle driver, who remains in an undisclosed condition. Police do not suspect alcohol as a factor in the crash.

Left turns by cars and trucks are among the leading causes of motorcycle collisions in California. It is the responsibility of drivers to keep a sharp eye out for motorcycles, especially in dawn and twilight hours when the smaller vehicles are more difficult to see.

Distracted drivers can cause serious damage in any collision, but motorcyclists are in more danger of injury and death. Riders injured in collisions with motor vehicles are protected by rights to investigation into liability and may be eligible for reimbursement for medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering.

Discuss your case with an experienced legal counselor if you have been injured or suffered damage in a motor vehicle accident. If the driver of a car or truck was liable for a crash, motorcyclists can get help to make the results right.

Source: Record Searchlight, “Woman killed in motorcycle crash identified,” Jim Schultz, July 11, 2017