Harley-Davidson seems to recognize the market and environmental shift to battery-powered transportation and on the way towards introducing electric vehicles to the public. In the past, Harley-Davidson has kept quiet on the details and goals of their electric fleet; now they seem to be more transparent. Over the next decade, they will unveil over 100 new bikes, along with a fleet of electric motorcycles to expand their market appeal. If you are wondering if their electric motorcycles will lose the distinct Harley Davidson sound, they have an answer for you. While it may not have that rhythmic sound of the classic cruiser, the sound will be similar to that of a jet fighter. The quality of the sound and feel of the bike they simply cannot ignore, as the feel of the ride is what defines the iconic American brand.

Technology Gone Too Far?

The question remains however, will the automated vehicle market eat into the motorcycle market? The folks at Harley Davidson think otherwise. They stand by the belief that as cars become more autonomous, more drivers will attempt to reclaim the road through riding motorcycles. Possibly even, electric motorcycles that can be charged at home or work might increase the public appeal. That said, they remain adamant that the semi-autonomous safety features that are ubiquitous in the car industry will not filter into their motorcycles. To quote William A. Davidson himself, “Society has become driven by so many factors and we are all now in touch 24/7 as we’re surrounded by electronics, and I think riding a motorcycle lets you break free of that and enjoy nature and have fun.” So when you go riding the roads of LA, Malibu or Hollywood, stay in the moment and enjoy the ride.