While many people dismiss riding motorcycles as reckless or dangerous given the number of traffic fatalities involving motorcycle collisions, some relish the notion of riding with the wind against their jackets. 103-year-old woman Bert Mullenbach dreamt of riding a motorcycle for years, not once believing she would ever do it. When the opportunity arose, Mullenbach accepted the offer of her lifetime from her dentist. Fred Carlson took Mullenbach for a tour around Rochester, Minnesota to let her experience the thrill of a true motorcycle ride. All leathered up, they traveled for miles around town.

The biggest downside according to Mullenbach was not being able to converse with Carlson while riding as he could not hear her with the wind in their faces and the sound of his bike blocking out her words. While riding, she even said she did not think of her age once. Her enthusiasm and excitement for riding serves a fantastic reminder to us all that riding a motorcycle offers us a unique perspective on life, not to be taken for granted. While riding, always practice safe techniques and lookout for reckless or inattentive drivers. The tranquility of a ride can be shattered in an instant by an avoidable accident and subsequent injury or death.