Following multiple fatal crashes involving Marines in Southern California, officials of Camp Pendleton decided to offer special motorcycle safety training. This summer, three marines passed away in motorcycle collisions in the greater San Diego area. According to John Waltmon, the Traffic Safety Manager for United States Marine Corps, “a lot of it has to do with inability to stop or control the motorcycle.” The program offered at Camp Pendleton is designed to teach situational awareness while riding motorcycles. As many riders can confirm, so much of experienced motorcycle riding revolves around predicting other drivers’ decisions. Too often are motorcyclists struck by drunk drivers whose behavior is often unpredictable on the road.

Lives Are At Stake

This past July, Nicholas Kursinkis was killed after a suspected drunk driver in a Dodge pickup collided with him and his motorcycle. The 25-year-old Marine was on active duty at the time of the accident in Oceanside. While some of these accidents may not be preventable, the goal of the program is to keep our Marines safe while riding. If you suspect a driver or rider is operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or another drug, be sure to report the driver to local authorities. You may save someone from a careless and potentially fatal accident.