If you could not tell from all of the department store decorations, Halloween is around the corner. With children running from house to house in search of sugary treats, drivers and parents alike must be vigilant in keeping children out of harm’s way. To do your part in preventing a Halloween pedestrian accident, follow these tips and give children the safe Halloween they deserve.

Basic Safety Tips and Practices

For Parents, never lose eyesight of your small children. As you already know, kids can exhibit impulsive and at times irrational behavior. Adding their favorite candy and superhero costume to the mix will likely not help this issue. Be sure to watch for drivers maneuvering in or out of driveways and distracted drivers at intersections. Small children are not easily seen in the rearview mirror and many vehicles are not equipped with modern safety features such as the backup camera. Hold your child’s hand when appropriate to avert an otherwise avoidable accident. To increase your child’s visibility, add fun colored reflective stripes to their costumes. Lastly, go trick or treating earlier in the day. Here in Los Angeles, we see daylight longer than just about everywhere else in the country during this time of year. Beginning your evening haunting earlier means you can explore your haunted neighborhood with higher visibility.

Slow Down, Save Lives

Drivers need to take their time going through neighborhoods. Drive at slow speeds to give yourself ample time to react to darting superheroes, spooking ghosts and even anthropomorphic animals. Put your headlights on earlier than usual to help parents spot your vehicle from further away. When driving, remember to put safety above all else and enjoy the haunted holiday.