A motorist was killed in an early morning crash on the 5 Freeway where it intersects with State Road 170 on Friday, Sept. 15. The 3:00 a.m. Sun Valley accident involved four different vehicles, including one that belonged to the sheriff’s department. It was carrying two inmates.

The police report for the wreck reflects that there was apparently an SUV that had become disabled in one of the freeway’s southbound lanes some time before the crash occurred. Soon thereafter, it’s alleged that a Honda sedan smashed into it from the rear.

Not too long after the collision between those two vehicles, the police car crashed into both the Honda and the SUV. A fire then ensued. It was as the fire burned on that yet another motorist collided with the now-three disabled vehicles.

The motorist driving the SUV that spawned the crash was fortunate in that he was able to move away from his vehicle long before it was crashed into by the Honda. The two police officers and their charges were also lucky in that they only received minor injuries once they struck the Honda and it caught on fire. It appears that the fourth motorist to become involved in the wreck also fared well.

However, the same cannot be said for the driver of the Honda. That motorist’s vehicle reportedly was significantly burned. Police continue investigating the incident in hopes of determining whether it was the impact, fire or both, that resulted in the driver’s death.

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Source: CBS Los Angeles, “5 freeway in Sun Valley reopens after fatal crash,” Sep. 15, 2017