The Los Angeles City Council, in a vote of 11 to 0, agreed to pay one of its residents $6.5 million as a settlement in his bicycle injury case. The Sherman Oaks man reportedly suffered both a severe brain injury and several broken bones two years ago when he was thrown off his bike while riding it over a pothole along Vista Boulevard.

In the man’s lawsuit, which he filed jointly with his wife, he accused both the state and county of having neglected to properly maintain the city’s roadways. They noted that the pothole upon which he lost control of his bike was nothing more than a “concealed trap” destined to injure bicyclists.

The couple also outlined how the man suffered injuries so significant that doctors expect him to face some degree of permanent disability for the remainder of his life.

In responding to the vote, the victim and his wife noted that they were happy that the city had decided to take responsibility for what they referred to as the man’s life-changing injury. As for the city council, they note that their hope is that the settlement will allow the man to live a higher quality life than he otherwise would have, even despite his injuries.

This lawsuit is not the first of its kind to be filed against the city of Los Angeles. Instead, they’ve been plagued in recent years with a number of different lawsuits having to do with area residents suffering injuries in horrific crashes.

Just as recent as last spring, the Los Angeles City Council agreed to pay another resident, this time a 56-year-old man, $4.5 million. In that case, the man was killed after being catapulted off his bike after he came upon uneven pavement in the neighborhood of Eagle Rock. In fact, to date the city has paid as much as $15 million toward bicycle accident settlements.

As for the victims’ families, they hope that these large settlements will send a message to the city that they need to do more to ensure bicyclists’ safety on the city’s streets.

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Source: Los Angeles Times, “Los Angeles OKs $6.5 million to settle lawsuit after cyclist hit a pothole,” Emily Alpert Reyes, Sep. 06, 2017