The city of Los Angeles has attempted to go under numerous design changes to better serve its people. Some of these changes have been well received as many people appreciate some of the safer sidewalks that have been installed in Downtown Los Angeles. Some developments have been poorly received such as the lane diets in the South Bay. Many residents commuting into LA everyday were outraged over the decreased traffic speed and lane reduction. However the ever growing traffic issue remains a hot button topic in the public forum.

Lyft, one of the largest ride sharing platforms currently available, proposed a concept design for Wilshire Boulevard through a partnership with local architects and traffic consultants. The idea is simple, reduce the lanes available to solo commuters and increase the efficiency and access of public transit. Widening sidewalks and securing bike lanes is part of the plan to allow for mass transit in the year round temperate climate of Los Angeles.

While nothing has been accepted by city or state officials, the design represents a greener, more efficient traffic flow. But will this streamlined approach truly help communities free themselves of traffic gridlock? The car culture of Los Angeles may not change overnight, but every step towards safer and less congested streets will make LA a better place to live.